The Best Digital Stamp Maker of 2024: A Feature Comparison

Umair Ali

May 24, 2024

10 min read

The Best Digital Stamp Maker of 2024: A Feature Comparison

Last updated: May 24, 2024 4:00:00 PM EST


“Make your mark on the world” – this timeless advice has quite literally been the reason for success for all the top brands today. In this digital age, the right stamp does that job – it highlights your business and reflects your personal style in an undeniable way. But here's the catch: with all the online stamp making services out there, how do you pick the best digital stamp maker for your needs?

Without any bias, let’s walk you through a fair and detailed comparison of some top digital stamp makers so that you can choose the perfect one to create your stamp.

Who is the Best Digital Stamp Maker Online: A Feature Comparison

With so many online stamp makers to select from, you will feel like having to choose a new smartphone. You want something that is user-friendly and affordable, right? Or maybe have some extra personalization options?

So let’s have a closer look at 4 of the most popular online stamp makers, compare their features and see what areas they lag behind.

1. MyStampReady

If you are new to the digital stamping scene and want an easy and straightforward interface to design your digital stamp, MyStampReady is a great choice.

Pros of Using MyStampReady:

a. Customization Options

MyStampReady really shines here for the beginners. The interface is simple and minimalistic without too many options to confuse you with. Simply choose a template or start creating your own with various customization options. The RBG color combination allows you to create stamps in any color you want. You can choose from 4 shapes to create your digital stamp: round, rectangle, oval, triangle.

b. Multiple Format Download Options:

After you’ve designed your stamp, MyStampReady will give you various format options to download your stamp in high resolutions - PNG, PDF, DOCX, and SVG.

Cons of Using MyStampReady:

a. Limited Payment Options

The service falls short if you want a variety of payment methods – especially your localized ones. It’s more suited to users who can pay using VISA, MasterCard PayPal and Apple Pay options. MyStampReady doesn’t have more inclusive payment options.

b. Inadequate Customer Support

The site is definitely user-friendly, we’ll give it that. But the level of direct customer support such as live chat, something in which StampJam excels, is not incorporated. They redirect their users to their WhatsApp for any questions and queries which is not a very user friendly or secure option to keep your PII hidden.

c. Expensive Stamp Design Services

As much as the interface is likable, the pricing factor plays down this attractive feature and makes it ineffective if you are looking for the best digital stamp maker who’s more affordable. Prices start from $2.5 and go upwards of $5.5 – a tad more expensive than StampJam.

2. Stamps-Maker

Stamps-Maker is your go-to if you want to create a more complex digital stamp design and add some finer details with advanced tools.

Pros of Using Stamps-Maker:

a. Customization Options

Stamps-Maker allows you a high degree of personalization. You can choose from various templates or start from scratch to create custom stamps. The platform supports text changes, various fonts, adding shapes to your design and even lets you upload your preferred images.

b. Multiple Format Download Options:

The service offers multiple high res download formats such as PDF, SVG and PNG. The crown jewel is the EPS format, a vector file format that is lossless and lets you increase or decrease your digital stamp size without any quality issues.

c. Affordable Design Services:

Affordability is what makes Stamps-Maker an attractive service as a digital stamp design maker. You can download your stamp design at a reasonable price of $2.9 for SVG and EPS file formats that are perfect for making custom rubber stamp designs.

Cons of Using Stamps-Maker:

a. Limited Payment Options

And we come across a huge roadblock: limited payment options to buy your custom digital stamp. Stamps-Maker only offers Paypal and Stripe as payment methods. Hence, this limitation makes this service globally inaccessible and available to only a specific audience.

b. Poor Customer Support

Today’s digital world is fast paced and the best digital stamp maker should have a quicker and more responsive customer service, just like StampJam. This is where Stamps-Maker lacks big time. The platform only offers its support via email, hence you’ll have to reach out and then wait for responses with huge, frustrating delays.

3. MyStampMaker

If you are among the “I needed it yesterday” crowd, ones who want everything done in a flash, MyStampMaker is the best choice for you. The platform understands the need for speed and helps you design your digital stamp in just a few minutes without any endless options.


MyStampMaker website seems to be facing a technical issue where the sign-up account verification email is not being sent to the users. Hence, you’ll not be able to create an account or sign in to download your digital stamp designs. There is no option to contact support or report this issue anywhere on the site. Stay TUNED for further updates in this regard.

4. StampJam

And then here’s StampJam, a perfect online stamp designing platform where we have focused on affordability, ease of use and the latest innovative features to make it the best digital stamp maker for you and your business.

Pros of Using StampJam:

a. Unlimited Customization Options

StampJam is the latest, most intuitive online stamp design software that outperforms all other similar stamp design services by a mile. In fact, the customization options our platform offers you are limitless.

There are over 100 digital stamp design templates in 15 different shapes and sizes to choose from. The ability to upload your own images/logos and add hundreds of pre-defined icons to your stamp design makes StampJam stand out from the rest as this feature is exclusive only to us at the moment.

b. Free & Unlimited Access to Digital Stamping Feature:

With both packages, Gold and Platinum, you will get access to yet another StampJam-exclusive feature: digital stamping. Go to “Stamp Your PDF”, upload your preferred document and your digital stamp and simply add it anywhere in the document – ready in just a few seconds.

What’s more, you can also add your signatures (upload, draw or type – however you wish) as well as various shapes like a square or a circle to put in your digital stamp or signature.

c. High-Resolution Downloads

Our service is based on quality, which has to be nothing less than absolute perfection. We guarantee that every download will maintain a pristine clarity and quality so that you can get a professional-grade digital stamp that stands out in every impression every single time.

d. Innovative & Local Payment Options:

You are our priority and for your convenience and payment security, we offer Razorpay alongside Stripe - the only online stamp making service to do so.

Stripe is a secure payment gateway for our global audience while Razorpay offers an additional ease to our Indian audience to make their transactions effortless.

e. Responsive Customer Support:

Remember how we said you are our priority? Well, we don’t just say it, we prove it with every feature we bring onboard this platform. StampJam takes pride in its customer service and as yet another first, we have integrated live chat support for our valuable users so that they can reach out and find exactly what they need, quickly and efficiently.

f. Lowest Pricing Guaranteed:

Here comes the best part if you aren’t already convinced by our features and offerings earlier: a guaranteed lowest price for your digital stamp design. Our Gold package is priced as low as $2.5 and INR 69 for our Indian audience while the Platinum package, an all-inclusive plan, goes as low as $3 and INR 99. You won’t find a better price anywhere else – guaranteed.

g. Affordable Design Services:

Affordability is what makes Stamps-Maker an attractive service as a digital stamp design maker. You can download your stamp design at a reasonable price of $2.9 for SVG and EPS file formats that are perfect for making custom rubber stamp designs.

h. Multiple Format Download Options:

With options to download your online stamp design in various formats like SVG, PNG, PDF and EPS, StampJam makes sure that your design can fulfill a wide range of needs and that your stamp is ready for any application, be it any digital signatures or traditional stamp manufacturing.

The Best Digital Stamp Maker of 2024

Image Caption: Who Is the Best Digital Stamp Maker – A Detailed Feature Comparison

Why Choose StampJam Over Other Digital Stamp Makers?

Our lowest pricing, design convenience and innovative features make us the top choice for famous businesses and brands worldwide. What sets us apart is our integration with Razorpay for Indian customers, live chat support and a very unique feature that allows you to directly add stamps to PDF documents for your digital independence.

Our commitment to your convenience makes us not just a stamp design service but a comprehensive solution for all your stamping needs. So choose us and watch your expectations exceed without limits.


Each platform we have discussed above shines in different ways so what you want to choose will depend on what’s most important to you. If you are running short on time and want a digital stamp in just a few minutes, MyStampMaker should be your go-to choice. If you want to download your design in DOCX format, MyStampReady is waiting for you.

Yet, when it comes to combining all those features and some more, StampJam becomes a standout choice. With our unique direct PDF stamping and exclusive payment options like Razorpay for Indian audience, StampJam will surely exceed your needs by all means. So choose us and make every impression a step towards your success.