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How to design a digital stamp

  • Choose from multiple shapes
  • Mix & match shapes
  • Edit size, stroke-width & line-break

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Step 02: Add text elements
  • Choose from numerous text types
  • Mix & match text types
  • Add Star symbols to your text

Step 03: Add or upload images
  • Choose from 100's of images or...
  • Upload your own company logo
  • Edit image size, position & rotation

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Step 04: Download your Custom Stamp
  • Choose from SVG, PDF, PNG, EPS & JPG
  • Pick the format that's right for your needs
  • Download your stamp design instantly!

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step 05: Sign & Stamp your PDF for free
  • Don't wait to print, stamp, scan & share
  • Sign and Stamp your PDF within seconds
  • Download your PDF instantly for FREE!

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Stamp Templates

online stamp maker round corporate seal USA
online stamp maker stamp format with gst india
online stamp maker template for business
free rectangle stamp template with online stamp maker
online stamp maker round estamp for bank
online stamp maker for courier company india
online stamp maker rectangle blue rubber stamp design
online stamp maker corporate seal USA canada blue
online stamp maker approved stamp template
limited liability company stamp usa online stamp maker
company stamp blue round with free online stamp maker
online stamp maker round stamp blue canada company

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Traditional rubber stamps cost 10x their digital counterparts.
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Choose from 100's of professionally designed Templates.
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World's first PDF stamper. Stamp & Sign multiple pages with a single click.
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google user review photo Karishma G

Absolutely love the website so well curated and easy to access too!

Nov 17, 2023

google user review photo Karishma H

I was not sure of paying online through credit card but being a small amount I took a chance and i received my stamp instantly! I also contacted customer support for some advice on how to insert the stamp in a document and they responded in less than 30 mins and even jumped on a zoom call and guided me. Really impressive customer service!

Aug 16, 2023

google user review photo Tarun N

Awesome website to create your own Customized Stamp. Very User friendly and great UI!

Dec 06, 2023


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  1. 1. Go to Stampjam's Online stamp maker
  2. 2. Click on "Shapes" on the left side (or bottom for mobile users)
  3. 3. Click on any shape
  4. 4. Add "Text" and enter your custom text in the input box
  5. 5. Upload your company logo or select from our Image Library (optional)
  6. 6. Edit shape, text, and image to suit your preferences
  7. 7. Explore ready-made Free Stamp Designs if you dont want to design a stamp from scratch
  8. 8. Click "Download" when satisfied with your design
A Digital Stamp is the digital version of a rubber stamp. Digital stamps come in a variety of formats like PNG, JPG, SVG, EPS, DOCX & PDF and perform the same way a rubber stamp would. Because of the convenience of digital stamps, more and more companies are adopting them lately.
Absolutely, with the emergence of a online stamp maker, anyone can create a stamp online - no graphic design experience required! Perform a quick Google search to find the tool that is right for you or visit and get started now.
A rubber stamp is a tool (usually made of plastic, metal or wood and rubber) that is used to imprint information & intricate designs (shapes, text & logos) onto paper with the use of ink. Rubber stamps have been around since the 1800's and have now gone digital with the advent of technology.
Rubber stamps have a plethora of use cases with the most important being validating documents and agreements. Rubber stamps are used by individuals, companies & governments in numerous sectors like finance, healthcare & tourism to make things "Official".
Defining the cost of a rubber stamp involves 2 easy steps. Step 1 - create a custom stamp design with Step 2 - find a local rubber stamp maker and send them the stamp design you created in step 1. Calculate the cost of shipping at checkout to know the final price.
The best app to make rubber stamps online is With numerous 5 star reviews, user friendly interface and hundreds of professionally designed stamp templates, StampJam has been the preferred choice for most users.
With numerous online stamp makers, it has become easier than ever before to forge a stamp online. To make it difficult for fraudsters to duplicate a stamp, insert brand logos in your design and refresh your stamp regularly by using
The easiest way to make a stamp is by using an online stamp maker like Not only do you get to customize your stamp in a few simple steps but you also receive your stamp design instantly.
Making a stamp on your computer, smartphone or tablet has never been easier. Visit and follow the steps to make a stamp in a few minutes. Download your custom stamp instantly after payment.
StampJam is an online tool that let's users make stamps online through a user-friendly website (no registration required). To make your own stamp design, navigate to
To make text look like a stamp, visit and choose from circle, rectangle, line or square text. Now edit the text font-size, font-style, rotation and position to match your requirements.
To make a rubber stamp effect online all you need is a tool that lets you add and edit shapes, text and/or logos to your stamp design. These 3 elements make up the building blocks of any rubber stamp effect and can be easily achieved with an online stamp maker like Stampjam.
To buy a physical rubber stamp or production seal, visit an online store like (these tend to be expensive and require additional materials like stamp (ink) pads). To design a digital stamp online for a fraction of the cost, visit
Design a custom stamp using an online tool like and download the stamp design instantly. Now send the custom stamp design to a local stamp maker and order your production seal.
Creating a stamp in word is time consuming and difficult as the application has not been designed to create rubber stamps. If you want to insert a stamp in a word document, design and download a stamp using and insert the stamp design into a Word document.
Design a custom stamp using Stampjam's Online stamp maker . Forward the stamp design to a local stamp maker and order a seal which is usually made of plastic, wood or metal. (Don't forget to order ink-pads)

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